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TXM Phase 1 Review

By phoebusapollo on Wed Jun 03 2015

Alright, ran my first 12 weeks of my Texas Method variant and figured I’d log my thoughts and progress. Current Status When we last left off I was recapping my progress from the beginning, barely over 2 years ago when honestly when I knew little to nothing about lifting. I feel like I’ve made good […]

“Liquid” Mesocycle 6 Review

By phoebusapollo on Sun Mar 01 2015

“Liquid” Mesocycle 6 Review CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY LOGS FOR THIS WORKOUT PERIOD Well a new year brings about a wealth of new changes, after 6 successful runs of my self taught “Liquid” program I feel pretty good. Learning a lot, but nearing that point where I need to move on to learn more. […]

Exercise Log 2.16.15 (Dev Day)

By phoebusapollo on Mon Feb 16 2015

Dev Day, cycle 6. A couple days off for rest and work over the weekend, which was my first real time back at work after my long vacation, I decided to just recuperate and enjoy myself. Was real excited to get in the gym and get back to work. Deadlift: Decided to do a low […]

Exercise Log 2.13.15 (Squat & Bench Press Day)

By phoebusapollo on Fri Feb 13 2015

Squat & Bench Press Day, cycle 6. Still a little sick, but getting better. Workout improvement shows, so factoring this into my strength test results. Squat (w/Weight Belt): 1) 5 @ 195lbs. 2) 3 @ 205lbs. 3) 2 @ 215lbs. Singles to failure of 5 reps @ 225lbs. Felt good about this especially since my […]

Exercise Log 2.10.15 (Bench Press & Deadlift Day)

By phoebusapollo on Tue Feb 10 2015

Bench Press & Deadlift Day, cycle 6. Felt especially low energy and like I was getting sick, which I found out the next day was the case. Bench Press: 1) 5 @ 155lbs. 2) 3 @ 165lbs. 3) 2 @ 175lbs. Singles to failure of 2 reps @ 180lbs, both being grinders and then failing […]

Exercise Log 2.9.15 (Deadlift & Squat Day)

By phoebusapollo on Mon Feb 09 2015

Deadlift & Squat Day, cycle 6. Not sure why but I’ve felt a bit low energy during this whole workout cycle, attributing it to feeling rather sick in a couple workouts after this. Deadlift (w/Weight Belt): 1) 5 @ 285lbs. 2) 3 @ 305lbs. 3) 2 @ 320lbs. Singles to failure @ 330lbs, but was […]

Exercise Log 2.8.15 (Cardio Only)

By phoebusapollo on Sun Feb 08 2015

Had a fun ski trip for some cardio, not very good at it but didn’t fall down at all so it was fun times. Probably 3 hours, which equivicates to… I dunno. Enough cardio to feel good about doing it. Plus fun!

Exercise Log 2.7.15 (Dev Day)

By phoebusapollo on Sat Feb 07 2015

Dev Day, cycle 5. Needing a change of pace and an evening to myself, I decided to work out at home today. Need to hit dips and pull ups, push-ups and then do some bis & tris. Limited weights at home, but future plans to build a home gym, so did what makes the most […]

Exercise Log 2.5.15 (Squat & Bench Press Day)

By phoebusapollo on Thu Feb 05 2015

Squat & Bench Press Day, cycle 5. Squat: 1) 5 @ 170lbs. 2) 3 @ 180lbs. 3) 1 @ 195lbs. 4) 1 @ 205lbs. 5) 1 @ 210lbs. 6) 1 @ 220lbs (this rep was a grinder). 7) 5 @ 170lbs. 8) 5 @ 170lbs. 4 reps of 30 second static holds. Bench Press: 3 […]

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