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Exercise Log 2.16.15 (Dev Day)

Dev Day, cycle 6. A couple days off for rest and work over the weekend, which was my first real time back at work after my long vacation, I decided to just recuperate and enjoy myself. Was real excited to get in the gym and get back to work.

Deadlift: Decided to do a low rep series to try to hit a PR, and hit it! 1) 2 @ 275lbs. 2) 2 @ 295lbs. 3) 1 @ 315lbs. 4) 1 @ 335lbs. 5) 1 @ 345lbs, new PR! Tried and failed to hit 355lbs twice, but that’s okay for now. 6-8) 3 single sets of 1 @ 315lbs.

Pinned Good Mornings: 4 sets of 8 reps @ 95lbs.

Hamstring Curls (Iso-Lateral Selectorized): 2 sets of 6 reps @ 125lbs, 1 set of 6 reps @ 140lbs, tried for a fourth set of 6 but did 5 @ 145lbs and failed the last rep. My hamstrings were really isolated between this and the last exercise, and felt more sore after than they have in months.

Bicep Cable Curls: 4 sets of 6 reps @ 100lbs.

Preacher Curls: 3 sets of 5 reps @ 110lbs, plus a drop set of 14 reps @ 65lbs.

Tricep 1-Arm Cable Extensions: 6 sets of 8ea. @ 50lbs.

Cable Tricep Kickbacks: 3 sets of 10ea. @ 30lbs.



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