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A personal video collection

This archive features several series of videos that I’ve posted online. Future videos (post-2012) will be posted solely on Youtube and in my blog channel, so stay tuned for those. Old videos (pre-2012) were all posted with my accounts on a mix of Youtube, Viddler and Myspace then archived in my old website. The videos range from full length “shows” to singular snippets of thoughts on topics.

I enjoyed doing video blogs, but I need to think and plan before creating a new regular series. I want something long-lasting but I need to make the mechanical process of making them simpler and better quality. So I do plan to revisit doing video blog making in the (hopefully) not too distant future. One reason I stopped making the video series you see below is a lot of work went into preparing the material for what resulted in little content and the video snippets used generated copyright complaints. I have no deadline on when I’ll resume this, but watch my front page for updates. Thanks for watching!

+ Video Blog
Videos posted 2012-onward

+ Thoughts (Discontinued)
Single topic commentary from yours truly, my current preferred format.

Thoughts Episode 3 – Disaffect the Vote archived July 2nd [2008]
Thoughts Episode 2 – GTA IV archived May 22nd [2008]
Thoughts Episode 1 – Intro archived May 22nd [2008]

+ Original Video Blog (Discontinued)
Full length (30 minutes to 2 hours) shows covering a wide range of topics and commentary.

(VB10) ‘Rats and Spiders’ archived November 7th [2007]
(VB9) ‘To Hell With You!’ archived August 3rd [2007]
(VB8) ‘Such a Sum’ (Presidential Debates Coverage) archived May 28th [2007]
(VB7) ‘Dig It’ archived May 10th [2007]
(VB6) ‘Obsolete Man’ archived February 1st [2007]
(VB5) ‘Honest Expression’ archived January 5th [2007]
(VB1-4) The First Four Video Blogs archived January 26th [2009]


+ Let’s Play (Discontinued)
My reviews of emulators and video games set in a Let’s Play live recording format.

Let’s Play PCSX2… Again! archived April 7th [2009]
Let’s Play Muslim Massacre archived August 22nd [2008]
Let’s Play with Emulators… Again! (pSX, ePSXe, Nestopia, Visual Boy Advance, MAME) archived October 3rd [2007]
Let’s Play with Emulators! (PCSX2, ZSNES, 1964) archived September 19th [2007]

+ Other Vids
Random other things video-related.

The Moon-ism archived May 25th [2008]


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