Exercise Log 10.17.13 (Fun Day Video Blog!)

Today I sorta crashed in the evening, maybe my body just needed some rest maybe I just ran into a low spot. My gym buddy didn’t make it either so I had no obligation to be at the gym at all today, being a day off I rarely spend my days off at home… just felt it’d be nice to stay in. So I decided at some point I wanted to do front squats because I wanted to work on squat depth, go deep to the floor, but I don’t have a straight bar at home only an EZ curl bar. Is it possible to do front squats with just an EZ curl bar? Aparently so. When I ran out of weights to rack up heavy enough to increase the squat, I grabbed dumbbells and slapped them in a napsack for added weight.

I did 5 solid sets of 12 reps, increasing weight as I went, then did one extra rep at a heavy enough weight to need to stop. I felt really good about how low my squats got, but ran into a few form issues. I felt like I learned something fun, so I decided to Youtube tape and share my experience with people… so hey, watch the video!

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