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Exercise Log 6.12.14 (Cardio Only)

Today was a rest day and I regret not doing much cardio, just hasn’t fit into my lifestyle as much lately. I want to go into the 5K this week hitting it hard, so I needed to test myself. So I did a training run on the treadmill because the weather was awful. The treadmill was new to me (first time I used the treadmills at the new gym), which sucked because it had stop buttons in stupid places. Ran 2.1 miles close to my 5K pace (8 min/mile) then in an attempt to take a brief rest I hit the stop by accident. Ran another mile haggardly after getting the machine on and off and decided it’d be better to finish with a couple hard sprints. Did one .25 mile lap at max speed (10mph, 6 min/mile) then did another .125 mile sprint at 9mph.

After that which was a total of maybe 40 mins with some legs of walking and a few minutes of warming up to start I hit the speed bag/heavy bag room for 10 minutes. Just trying to learn the rhythm of the speed bag work, felt like I did a real good job there. Went after that heavy bag hard, sticking and moving as much as I can, but I’m no pro boxer. Still, you learn by doing so I figure if I keep this up, maybe I can add a more serious kind of boxing training to the program. We’ll see. Or perhaps I’ll just call it light cardio with stress relief.



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