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Exercise Log 5.21.14 (Bench Press & Deadlift Day, No Cardio)

Alright again on cycle 2 of my new training program, which is a hypertrophy cycle. This time my primary lifts are Bench Press & Deadlifts. Due to shoulder impingement, the bench press is being ditched for high volume low weight dumbbell chest presses. This seems to just be safer, but still isolates and stimulates the chest while letting me fixate a little more on proper form.

Deadlifts: Set 1) 12 reps @ 185lbs. Set 2) 10 reps @ 205lbs. Set 3) 10 reps @ 225lbs. Set 4) 5 reps @ 255lbs.

Dumbbell Chest Press: 6 sets of 12 reps @ 40lbs, focus on form and isolation of chest/stability of shoulders.

T-bar Shoulder Press / T-Bar Rows: In an effort to improve shoulder strength without destroying the shoulders with work, I tried this new exercise (to me) recommended by Athlean-X trainer Jeff Cavaliere. He has a lot of videos on youtube that are conscious about joint stresses and he suggests this T-Bar overhead press to build shoulders.

A very good explanation of this interesting exercise.

Since I had the T-Bar out, I superset this with T-Bar rows, a very logical move since today’s theme a push motion as the primary movement (bench press) and pull movement (deadlift) as a secondary. Anyways the only cavaet is that only at 90lbs it was awkward to lift the weight up and then let it down when it was done, but I find driving it up to at a 45 degree angle makes a good place to swap hand positions, one hand at a time can make it a little easier.

4 sets of 8 reps presses / 10 reps rows @ 90lbs.

Bicep Curls / French Press: Nice basic bicep/tricep superset to hit the arms. 3 sets of 10 reps each movement @ 50lbs straight preloaded barbell.

Body Rows / Shoulder Rehab: Any day involving arm motion I think needs a little shoulder rehab work until these shoulders are back to 100%. This felt real good for them I will note. 3 sets of body rows will help shore up the strength of the rear delts to ensure more stability, and after each set of 10 reps I did stretches for the chest and anterior delt against the rack and a short series of 10 reps of light 2 1/2 pound plate arm rotations to work out the shoulder rotator muscles. So 3 sets of 10 rows followed by shoulder rehab stretches/exercises after each set.

Declined Bench Press: Wanting to get some direct chest work done, I decided to try a little declined bench, being cautious to go light to help prevent shoulder aggrevation. Felt like I had good form on these. 3 sets of 10 reps @ 95lbs.



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