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Exercise Log 4.19.14 (Boyce Park Wild Trail Run 10K)

Today I had my Wild Trail Run 10K at Boyce Park. I don’t have official times, but I ran the race in about 1 hour 1 minute, which is good considering the route had 297ft of vertical gain up and down the hills in the park. These were backwood trails, which created an interesting challenge just in passing people as we all had to essentially run single file. I kept up a brutal pace as far as heart rate went, 179 average with peak at 190bpm. So I worked for it. Was thankful for my lifting when I needed to use my calves and legs to push up the inclines on the trails.

This was a brutal but incredibly intense race. Felt bad because all my running friends went to the Pirates stadium run (later friends I didn’t even know were runners I found out went to that run) which I didn’t know about until I signed up for this one, but this run was absolutely the best training run I could do to prep for the upcoming half so feeling pretty good.

A bit tired, but made it to the finish without slowing down in the least. Knees were properly muddy from taking a clean fall, but I just kicked back up on my feet and kept running without missing a beat.

My next running training day will be out and doing loops through one big incline, which I’m expecting near the end of the half, to make sure on the half I don’t lose any steam near the final leg of the trip. We’ll see how it goes!



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