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Exercise Log 4.14.14 (Half Training Run #2)

Half marathon program change has me doing training runs instead of leg day, and doing squats on dev day to keep my squat development continuing (just at a slower pace). So today I did a nice long run, 3 hours and 15 minutes to trek 14 miles in the hilly Frick Park (again). Not much new to report this run was harder than the previous as I didn’t especially carb up prior to the run, will keep in mind how important that is.

Was intending to push another lap (1.75 miles a lap) this time but I was completely drained by the last lap. It didn’t do me any favors that the final 2 miles were in the rain. I kept bothering a poor snake that just wanted to chill in a muddy path on my way up the hill, made me feel like an asshole a bit but he was in my way. I was also particularly annoyed to run about 6 miles of the trek with a stone in my shoe. I suppose if I whined any more about these minor issues I’d be called pinot grigio, had a fantastic time!

I didn’t look any worse for the wear after this run, bask in my post-run glow!



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