Exercise Log 10.31.13 (Rest Day Thoughts)

So on rest day I think that’s a good time to sit back and take a catalogue of where you stand when it comes to personal fitness and goals, etc. I weighed myself today (don’t do it every day) but found my weight has not changed at all (159.5). This is good in the sense that I’m not getting fat, and I’m on a clean bulk so my plan is to increase only muscle mass ideally while still toning off fat, and if that’s happening then that would explain the lack of increase in body weight (muscle gains happen so slowly you can’t really measure them by the weight scale, I’m measuring that more by weight lifting and my lifts slowly are improving).

However it’s possible I’m still shy on the underside of what it takes to gain weight for my activity level, in which case I could be depreciating my gains in the gym… but it shouldn’t be more than slightly. So might get a little sloppier on my diet, I’ve been eating about 2400-2800 calories, now if I hit 3000 it’s probably no big deal. Increasing the carby snacks will help me get a little more energy for the day I think. However I’m pretty damn broke, so I’m not looking forward to spending any more money if I can avoid it.

As for the exercise routine, I do feel like I’m getting stronger but now that I’ve learned over the last 6 months a wide variety of exercises my focus now is less on getting past plateaus and more just learning more efficient patterns for the movements. Get the form real solid, and understand my body better.

I am going to revise my exercise rotation, my previous rotation was chest/back & shoulders/legs/arms/ab & fun day with rest days just falling wherever they do. However I think my new rotation will separate back day and leg day more, and put shoulder day in chest day and make the shoulder workouts lighter given that chest day itself provides a good shoulder workout. So now chest & shoulder/back/legs/arms/ab & fun is my pattern. Again no planned days off from the rotation, because rest days just sort of happen every week due to work, social obligations, etc. Ideally no more than 2 rest days a week, which I’m violating this week due to the weekend run and the crappy night shift tonight.

As for my cardio goals it looks like my future is going to be full of turkey trotting and half marathoning, so I gotta extend my runs and learn a new run pace. My goal for my next 5 mile run is to simply maintain a good half marathon test pace.

So personal goals for the long term (yes they’re fairly modest but just setting realistic goals for myself is important)…

Deadlift of 400lbs (current max 225lbs)
Front squat of 200lbs (current max 135lbs)
Back squat of 250lbs (current max 155lbs)
Bench press unassisted 185lbs (current max 115lbs)
5K pace 24:00 (previous PR 24:42)
Half marathon pace (undetermined, still testing pacing)

Currently I do not have weight gain/loss goals, my only goal is to continue getting stronger in the weight room and not to gain any unnecessary fat in the process. We’ll see how that goes!

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