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Pre-workout Roundup – 5 reviews for the price of one

By phoebusapollo on Sun Nov 05 2017

Well I haven’t done a preworkout review for some time, so I need to catch up. I have 4 products to take a look at all at once, so I won’t dedicate the time to each one as I did for the previous reviews, but I will take a close look at their various pros […]

CTD Sports Noxivol Supplement Review

By phoebusapollo on Wed May 10 2017

Continuing my supplement review series, this time CTD Sports Noxivol. Cover to Cover Noxivol is advertised as a “muscle fullness” product which increases muscle pump during workouts that also reduces lactic acid and increases ligament health. The advised dosing instructions is to take twice daily with one of those being 30-45 minutes prior to working […]

Muscletech’s “Myobuild 4x BCAA” Supplement Review

By phoebusapollo on Wed Feb 08 2017

To get away from of all the current political news I thought I’d take a break and do an overdue review of Muscletech’s Myobuild 4x Amino-BCAA supplement drink. Unlike previous reviews this is not a pre-workout, so it has to be judged a little differently. It’s my philosophy that this type of dietary supplement is […]

Primal Muscle’s “Primal Surge” 10x Pre-workout Supplement Review

By phoebusapollo on Sun Aug 28 2016

Another pre-workout review would definitely help me provide a little levity considering all the recent serious business blogging I’ve done lately. Today I’m going to review an interesting drink in terms of ingredient list, one I kind of look forward to breaking down. Please keep in mind while reading that I am on a powerlifting […]

Sports Leg + Lung Pre-Workout Review

By phoebusapollo on Thu Jun 30 2016

Here we are back again for a quick preworkout review, Sports Leg + Lung (Tropical Orange Flavor) from Sports Endurance Inc. Just like previous reviews I’m going to give this product a breakdown to get a total look at what you get and what all the little things mean. Cover to Cover Sports Leg + […]

Jacked Factory’s “Nitro Surge” Pre-Workout Review

By phoebusapollo on Sun Mar 27 2016

Another scoop, another review – this time of Jacked Factory’s “Nitro Surge” pre-workout. Cover to Cover Jacked Factory’s tagline for Nitro Surge is that it is a “Scientifically Dosed Pre-Workout Powder”. It boats “Endless Energy”, “Muscle Growth”, “Powerful Pumps” and “Laser Focus”. Fairly straightforward label nothing really bombastic anywhere on it. Let’s get straight to […]

ANS Performance’s “Diablo” Pro-Thermogenic Supplement Review

By phoebusapollo on Sat Mar 12 2016

So my wife handed me ANS Performance’s “Diablo” thermogenic, so I’m hoping she was intending me to write another review instead of merely suggesting I’m getting a little… portly. Since I joined team No Legs and abruptly stopped my cardio, my capacity for burning extraneous fat has certainly gone down. What better way to find […]

Sportrition’s “Infuze” Pre Workout Review

By phoebusapollo on Tue Jan 19 2016

As a followup to my previous review, this time I’ll be taking a look at Sportrition’s Infuze pre workout (Strawberry Flavor). Again since in my training cycle I am still in recovery from an injury, I am closely documenting how I feel workout to workout and I feel this puts me in a good place […]

Naturo Nitro “Decimus” Pre Workout Review

By phoebusapollo on Tue Dec 29 2015

Today I’m writing a fairly lengthy review of Naturo Nitro’s “Decimus” Pink Lemonade preworkout supplement. To provide some context, my fiance got a discount on this preworkout for the purpose of posting a review and since I’m the one who actually used it I thought I’d write the review for her and try to be […]

Bodybuilding diet: Steak & Egg Bagel!

By phoebusapollo on Sat May 03 2014

My mornings are never productive enough to properly make breakfast every morning, I’m always running late and sometimes even the prepared staple frozen diet of eggs/broccoli/chicken nuked in the microwave is still too much of a hassle. How, I can’t imagine. There is a huge temptation each day to pick up food on the way […]


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