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Exercise Log 6.10.14 (Deadlift & Front Squat Day, No Cardio)

Alright, another Deadlift/Front Squat day begins cycle 5, a higher intensity training cycle. For this cycle I’ll be focused on applying some of the high intensity principles to make the reps mean more. Some of that will be slowing the cadence, some of that will be pausing the reps and some of that will be defraying as much momentum from the movement as possible. I’m not literally going to failure which some people might consider a flaw in the programming, but my goal is to simply learn the process and to push myself harder than if I was simply doing regular speed heavy resistance.

Here for example is a training video with Mike Mentzer (a chief advocate of high intensity) teaching his style of deadlifting.

Notice his slower cadence defrays all the momentum, the weight he’s doing is light but he’s seriously expending his muscular energies. This is what I was shooting for with this training cycle.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I picked the right weight level and I did tweak the program a bit, but I think I ultimately made the right choice.

For the primary lift in this cycle, I’m going to do 3 sets of high intensity-style reps (controlled, pausing where possible, slow tempo, no momentum) with the primary lift being followed up with a drop set at the final weight to failure (calling this “bonus round”). Then the secondary lift is going to have a climbing failure, 2 reps at +5% until I just lose form. I actually think my next cycle I’ll reverse that because I prefer the climbing reps first.

So again, lower weight levels than normal, but should produce a new type of response. I feel real good about this training cycle.

Deadlift (No Momentum): 3 sets of 5 reps @ 225lbs (71.4% ORM). Then bonus round reps to failure: 6 reps @ 225lbs.

Front Squats (Pause 2-second): 3 sets of 5 reps @ 105lbs (60% ORM). Then climbing sets to failure: 2 reps @ 115lbs. 2 reps @ 125lbs. 2 reps @ 135lbs. 2 reps @ 145lbs.

1-Armed Dumbbell Rows (No Momentum): 3 sets of 8 reps each arm @ 60lbs. Noticed these got real difficult after rep 6 just from the longer time under tension and lack of pulling momentum. I really focused on using the upper back and rear shoulder to pull up rather than sort of use body momentum to get the weight up a little faster.

Iso-Lateral DY Lateral Row Machine (No Momentum): Not sure what the DY stands for, but I just wanted a plate loaded back row to hop on and this worked great. Again went light with a total of 93lbs and focused on higher intensity style reps. 3 sets of 10 reps @ 93lbs.

Sumo Deadlifts: Part of one thing I believe in training as part of the high intensity cycle is one stability exercise, and I feel like the best way to stabilize yourself is to train yourself in a way that is a new variation of your main lift. I found these real hard since I do NOT do sumo deadlifts often. Really worked my glutes here. 3 sets of 3 reps @ 275lbs. Was real hard though, did a lot of individual reps.

I normally would add a leg exercise, but ran short on time. Great workout day though.



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