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Holi Festival of Colors!

Just thought I’d post something fun besides fitness, went to the Festival of Colors today and had a great time. Have a little photo gallery here. My thoughts are: it’s surprisingly fun to just pamper people with color packets and have that be a “cool” thing. Plus I could use more hugs from strangers. On the negative side, the activity is a little droll. The music is nice beat-wise, but repetitive and a bit annoying. I suppose the beat is all that matters, and the periodic color throws. Great fun, but a negative again was that nobody really met me. Ran into a couple meetup people and that was it. Would’ve been a great time otherwise.

If you ever get one of these coming through your area, consider going and taking the kids if you want, it is a family friendly event (no drinking, smoking or drugs on site). Just people being friendly, which honestly you need to expose yourself to sometimes whether you like it or not. Also was a gorgeous day for the fun!

Click through for the Flickr gallery

Not really into the spiritual or silly aspects of it, but good fun is good fun whatever the form. Appreciate life more and live it, that’s my two cents at least!



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