Updates for Thursday, January 27th [2005]

The Time Crisis


Dear Friends,

Urgent news has come from my good friend Mr. Von Meises. Included is his explanation, and my reply,

Dear Thomas,

I was recently contacted by my missing lab partner, Sir Julius Rothbard. The note he left was rather cryptic and did not leave details of his location or his intent, he is clearly in hiding and in considerable danger. His latest series of theories regarding time travel speculate the possibilities for a quantum deviation to occur at the juncture in which time was altered. This perhaps could create a series of alternative realities, affecting historical events quite possibly on a great scale. Whether this is adequate to describe the incident from a year ago that seems to be the subject of investigation by many, is fairly uncertain, but we must learn more soon to find out if what happened created a time crisis, or a divergent reality.

Julius also left me some cryptic information, I believe he is aware of the nature of this disturbance, but it appears he left out the details for my safety. Reading the final few sentences I detected a familiar cypher, a particular encryption that we used together as lab partners while studying cryptography, and have since begun decoding it. Save these words in a secure location for me, as I believe they have some significance: FIND WILLIAM AND MARY.

I will attempt to continue to fill you in of the details, and I apologize if little of this makes sense to you. I must safeguard these details with someone else, if not only for my personal safety. Please keep this information secure as I have shown you, and discuss it's details with no one. I am sure we can, together, discover the nature of this mystery. Auf Wiedersehen,

- Ludwig

Dear Ludwig,

I am afraid once again, my friend, that I have more information that may be of value. The College of William and Mary lies in Williamsburg, Virginia. I am certain this is to which Julius refers. Please let me explain the details as time comes, for I fear too for myself and my friend, and I know full well that the nature of this incident becomes clearer over time. Please do not view me as deceptive, good friend, for our dear friendship means much to me, despite my often clear inadequacies in understanding the nature of modern things, and despite my silence on certain issues.

Speaking of this hidden message, what do you believe your friend would have of you? Maybe he waits for you in Williamsburg to explain more? If so, I request that I am able to make the trip with you to discover more, if that is possible. I should keep this communication short, and I have sent it through the secure channels you recommend.

- Thomas

I wish I could fully reveal the details of my adventure through time to Mr. Meises, as I feel like the deceiver. His friend, Julius, must know that it was me who slipped through time, as the College of William & Mary was my alma mater, and produced many memorable years. However, I feel there is more to this than that. I shall write again soon once Ludwig has relayed to me our next cause & course of action. I must now retreat for some much needed rest.

Your sincere & humble servant,

- TH. Jefferson

Editor's Notes:

A little late night update to return TeeJ to his rightful place as the head of this journal, and I think it's time to touch on a little history. The College of William and Mary is the second-oldest post-secondary school in the United States, and the third oldest in all of North America. It was and still is a strong educational institution, and has taught a variety of important Americans, even including several Presidents - Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, John Tyler, and George Washington. Thomas Jefferson enrolled at 16 years old in 1760 (to study at the college's school of philosophy), and a statue of this important alumni wasn't given to the college until 1992, paid for by the University of Virginia which Jefferson founded later in his life. There is much fondness a man like Jefferson must've had for his years of higher education as he made that a major part of his life in creating the University of Virginia. He was an avid learner, divulging sometimes over 15 hours a day studying topics ranging from physics, metaphysics, rhetoric, mathematics, logic, law and ethics. There will be some more interesting details and developments soon on my next update.

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