Updates for Thursday, December 9th [2004]

A Moment's Peace


My Dear Friends,

This week befell upon me a great pleasure, I went on an excavation with Natalie, as her cousin is a chief archeologist at the University of Oregon. I apologize for not being in great contact, for I was too busy wailing away at segments of the soil searching for the mysteries of paleo-indian settlers here to the Oregon territory, some thousands of years old. I found an obsidian arrowhead, and quite impressed Professor Robert Trenchard, Natalie's cousin, with my talent at excavating the site. It is a practice that is age-old, and I still felt valuable. It's a feeling I hadn't had since coming here. Holding an item I was later told by modern methods could be dated over 7,000 years old, I felt I could travel through time, not only to go back to the past that was my home, but to go further, to the dawn of creation if I wanted to. The wonderment was so strong that while I was inflecting a plot to begin digging anew, a young boy who was helping with the site shuddered me with the blare of a "boom box", playing a rather accursed "hip hop" song. Rhyming isn't the qualification for great musical composition, it never was for old minstrels, and it definitely isn't for the horrid garbage today. The shock caused me to slip into the hole and sprain my ankle. So much for a moment's peace.

Out into the edge of the wilderness to explore these excavations I saw, from a safe distance, a family of grizzlies searching for food in this colder weather. The two cubs reminded me of the present of Lt. Pike, who one day delivered two cubs upon my door as one of many articles of proof of their expedition west. Frolicking in the flower garden, walking with them, I wondered what ever became of those two?

But I am ignoring the reason I'm writing this letter. I write because I must, because I seek to record, and to pass that knowledge. The FBI, who I am informed are the agents of the United States federal government that investigate all sort of criminal matters, interviewed my good friend and companion Daniel for his employment at the late ChronoTech, however it seems they went light on him. Daniel told me they were asking him questions about researchers employed at the building, about his manner of employment, and he said it was to investigate an accident. We worry together that they might discover the true circumstances, but I feel their eyes are directed elsewhere for now, and that I am safe, at least for the time being. All Daniel would tell me was that their local offices where he was interrogated looked like "something out of CSI", so I'm afraid I'm at a loss for any more details.

Tread safely & accept my wishes of good health,

- TH. Jefferson

Editor's Notes:

Time for a little obscurity! Jefferson was a tinkerer, and something of an explorer, and one of his hobbies was archeology. He excavated an indian burial mound near Monticello, using an uncommon technique of cutting a wedge into the site instead of digging straight down, giving archeologists of the time inspiration for innovating the various excavation techniques. Another particularly uncommon fact about Jefferson is that he had two baby grizzlies bought back from the Lewis and Clark expedition.

I apologize for the lateness in this update. I'm trying to get everything back on schedule so I can continue this series through to it's completion. Expect some more updates from good ol' TeeJ over the course of the month.

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