Updates for Monday, November 15th [2004]

Important News


Dear Friends,

As I have been saying, Mr. Meises has been giving me word of important happenings. Upon my return, I received a note from Mr. Meises, telling me of a life on the run. The note is enclosed,


I cannot disclose much in our short communique, but I wanted to forward to you important news. Being one of the few of my friends here, I feel this information is important to pass to hands other than my own. My previous employer, ChronoTech, it seems, is a matter of much controversy. Recording equipment in the facility seem to indicate that one of my experimental devices had fired a little over one year ago before the company relocation and massive shutdown, although no camera recording seemed to survive the electromagnetic pulse caused by my machine, so no one really knows what happens. There is an investigation into the matter, and I was questioned. They suspect I snuck into the research center to continue my experiments before the deadline was called, but I swear that I did not. I fully intend to continue my experiments after ChronoTech was closed, hopefully safe in the Fermilab laboratories... I found a defect in the machine, but I should stop speaking in ambiguity. Meet me soon, and I will disclose things more fully.

My computer and other equipment at my apartment has been confiscated by the FBI, who has taken special interest in me as of late. No search warrant, something with the Department of Homeland Security let them barge in... pity, many of my newest designs were on that computer. I doubt I will see a recovery of any of these things, although I still have many of my designs laid down to paper. There were few people even in the building around when they suspected the computer device fired, some janitors and minimal security... typical for an otherwise uneventful night. Whatever happened the machine was not damaged, however, with the better part of the company's assets being sold, I doubt the experiment I worked on will ever see it's way out of an antiquated government storage shelter. Pity, for they cannot recognize greatness, the federal government never does.

I must leave. We will meet later in the week, auf wiedersehen,

- Ludwig

So I met up with Ludwig later, in a park downtown that I was told was Japanese. Our conversation revealed to me that chance has brought upon me good fortune, as he seems to know all too much about ChronoTech and the art of time travelling.

Ludwig: Thank you for joining me herr Thomas, I apologize for the lack of communication lately but I have been under watchful eyes. I am sure that my exit was hasty enough to have shaken anyone following, so we do have some time to relax before we must begin to worry. I am concerned about my safety, and yours, for telling you this, but it must be kept in the hands of someone else besides my own, in case something happens to me... I hope you understand this urgency, my friend.

Me: This is understandable good Sir, I appreciate you asking me to visit. I too have been interested in this company of yours. Any information is appreciated... you see, I have not been entirely honest with you. One of my good friends here was a janitor there, and I am now concerned for his safety, for I believe he was in the building on the night of that accident.

Ludwig: Well, it seems we both have an invested stake in the operations of ChronoTech. Well, let me summarize it the best way I can. I was researching the use of quantum fluctuations to create a controlled cascading string-conjoined rift in spacetime, to define a fixed wormhole that extends to a specified length and a series of specified dimensional widths, effectively creating a tool to transport light particles and other particulate matter through multiple dimensions at once, including, but not limited to, time and conventional three dimensional space. It was a temporal agitator that was my key device which I believe fired, as a cascade reaction always generates a minor electromagnetic pulse, which in controlled laboratory stages took out many pieces of valuable equipment... it was an expensive project, to say the least. The wormhole rift can be generated to be any specified size and go over a distance in dimension by a factor of C per raw energy input, which always consisted of high grade plutonium, meaning the amount of time and space that can be travelled is limited by a factor of a few thousand light years across collective spacetime. The window of opportunity was finite but ChronoTech laboratories were highly interested in my work. The calibrator was rigged for several test experiments by ChronoTech officials, across a variety of potential targets, many of which had historical and political significance. It simply never worked reliably enough to test, there were defects that made it unsafe.

Me: I did not understand a word of what you just said.

Ludwig: Well, my friend, you know the old saying, "Wo nichts ist, da hat der Kaiser sein Recht verloren". It is a time machine and teleportation device, of limited range. It cannot travel back or forwards more than 300 years and still touch the surface of the ever-moving earth. However it is so amazingly precise that it can, if practically applied, reach several important points in contemporary history. However there were defects. It could not cascade react without creating a devastating electromagnetic pulse which often destroyed much of the very equipment that powered it, and likewise destroyed recording tools that would measure the results of the experiment. It was hard to repeat on a controlled cascade that was any greater than the size of a thimble, at first, until more thoroughly insulated devices were created. Although a sustained portal remained open for approximately 5 minutes in one test, enough time to send a lab rat through, the miscalculation killed the rat. We believe sending it back in time through the portal caused a radioactive chain reaction in the rat's DNA strands, causing a division of telomeres, creating an advanced aging syndrome. With the rat dead, broken equipment and the testimony of merely myself and a lab partner, Julius Rothbard, we were virtually laughed out of the popular science journals, even though it's success would prove string theory as it uses string theoretical concepts for it's implementation. Something made that machine fire a year ago just before ChronoTech closed and moved it's operations, and it was enough to power a man-sized transportation booth given the range of the electromagnetic pulse, and I, as well as the FBI it seems, wants to know why. There is a chance that whoever or whatever caused it to fire, that they are now gone, dead or escaped into a seemingly endless series of worlds, inside and outside our own spacetime and dimension. We were able to use NASA computers to project the Earth's pattern of galactic and solar movement, to create a range of seemingly flawless calculations within the centimeter of know parts of the Earth's surface in a range of over 200 years worth of time opportunity. We nearly mapped the full 300 year range, in fact. The size and scope of the EMP the machine caused suggested it used enough power to travel back to the limits of the machine, although it's hard to say whether it was forward in time, backward in time, or indeed not even through time but instead through space. No matter, there was not enough fuel to keep the gate open more than 4 minutes, then the cascade reaction would have ceased on it's own, I am thoroughly convinced that whoever would've tried to use the machine would've been killed by it. The odder thing is that I haven't seen anything from Julius... and neither has the FBI, as they seemed to want to know where he was. I sincerely hope he was not the one who activated it.

Me: That is rather amazing, and concerning, tho' I admit I have little I know I can do to help. What would you have of me?

Ludwig: Der Groschen ist gefallen! Keep this secret quiet and take this disk, it has my blueprints and everything. Please, I implore you, protect my work. I will visit you again soon. We must part ways, we have been here too long, and I fear the FBI aren't the only ones following me... Auf wiedersehen.

Me: Adieux.

A most interesting turn of events.

Your most obed't. & most humble serv't.,

- TH. Jefferson

Editor's Notes:

There is really little to add to this TeeJ entry, as it's more driving the plot. The next update will be the 50th TeeJ post since I began, and will mark a major milestone for the journal. It's the holiday season so it's time to get TeeJ a little more cheery. Check back soon!

P.S. On a totally unrelated note, I recommend anyone interested in real physics, and not just the babble I used to write this entry, should check out the newest about string theory in a PBS special based on the novel "The Elegant Universe" by Brian R. Greene. It's online at PBS's NOVA website, all three hours of it, chopped up into easy-to-watch segments. I own the book and watched the program and have to admit, it's great.

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