Updates for Tuesday, February 3rd [2004]

Tit for Tat


Dear Friends,

I was watching the news stations today and it appeared that everyone was talking about this new game, "Super Bowl", a game of nude kickball that happened this last Sunday. There were breasts and naked men, a sort of game I haven't ever seen before but they showed pictures of several acts of nudity, and for some reason that seems almost commonplace to say. There is little else to say about it, Daniel said he watched the game, his team "the Patriots" won, which was (as he put it), "Tit for Tat". I just hope that as they won they were fully clothed, and not riding on their flatulating horses.

I am uncertain if this new job is going to give me enough earnings to continue my path. I haven't had the time to go find out more about the men who created the machine of time travelling - and doing this is something I think is vital. If I am being watched now, there have been no signs. I've "layed low" as Daniel put it, now I must try to find a way home.

But Daniel protests. He feels it might disrupt his new lifestyle of sloth and get him in trouble. I can't even get him to tell me the name of the company he worked for. It appeared that after I came into this place that he destroyed or hid most of his work documents and cleaned up his rooms to prevent me from doing more than I could once I became settled. Why would Daniel hide these things from me?

While this happens, Ms. Everson is scolding me with greater frequency, I believe she intends to release me from labour, but I don't understand why she just doesn't stop scheduling me for work and tell me to go away if that is indeed the case. Is the process of voluntary labour really so complicated these days?

So, I was sitting down pondering these things, eating a sandwich. It was then I thought to myself, sliced bread is one of the greatest inventions of man. I mean, it makes sandwich making easy, the loafs are huge and uniform, and they are wrapped in a wonderous plastic bag, which is so very cheap that I can afford a new loaf most any day. I think perhaps the only thing as great as the industry improvements of bread is the practice of frying chicken. Fried chicken is most definitely the best thing since sliced bread. I heard a great Colonel from Kentucky industrialized this process, and a great service to his countrymen he did indeed. Although I looked, I found no details of what wars he might've served in.

From your most obedient and humble servnt.,

- TH. Jefferson

Editor's Notes:

This one was limited because my research materials are all online and my internet was cut for this week. TeeJ suffered a little because of this 'net outage, but I still managed to eek out this update.

The whole situation with Daniel is growing from the Adams/Jefferson relationship. Him hiding the papers and information from TeeJ is a play on how Jefferson felt that Adams stacked the deck against him. As Adams moved out of the President's seat and Jefferson moved in, Adams went on a spree of appointing virulent anti-Jefferson office members, as if making any attempt to sabotage Jefferson's term.

I had to comment on the silliness of this year's Super Bowl XXXVIII, especially with the media jumping all over the streaker situation and Janet Jackson's breast being exposed during the Half-Time show. I don't watch football, but I must admit the ending to the game was great, the New England Patriots doing an excellent job of using the very final seconds of the game to their advantage.

While I had no internet, there was little to do. But I did watch a show on the history of food in America, so hell, I added some TeeJ comments on that.

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