Updates for Tuesday, January 6th [2004]

Angry Chattle


Dear Friends,

I woke up this morning, and it had befallen a mild icey blizzard, aparently such small provisions such as these are cause for the entire city to shut down, so I guess it is that few buses run, and fewer still people go out to accompany those buses. I shall sit, and record the happenings as they were, mainly little happened this week that I had not already made mention of.

So it was that I went into work yesterday to collect my pay, and had my first conversation with Ms. Everson since the last time we spoke, which was the Eve of Christmas. It seems that I will be having an hours cut due to the end of the holiday period, and she has hired several others to come on to staff which I need to train by the end of the week. I was uncertain why we hired more people while having my work schedule cut, I insisted, if I worked my usual schedule there would be no issue. But Ms. Everson insisted it would be in the best interest of the Pantry. So I can expect, surely, that my wage will decline in the following weeks to come.

So it is, people of the Enternet, I feel more adequate with my routine here but by no means have I not stopped learning more about the new age. I watch a lot of History International, which seems to discuss the second and last War of the World, the events cause me dismay but also pride, in that it was America that led to the end of such a violent age, an age so violent it seems even Bonaparte himself would be awestruck.

Indeed though, my inflections for praise of the government seems to be ill-founded when I look at this pay stub, showing me very well that the state is not healthy, it is taxing it's citizens far too much, and the degree of obviousness makes me wonder how any one can hold the opinion to the else-wise.

Daniel wanted to go out yesterday, to gather some supplies for the coming storm from the store. So it was that we stopped at Safeway, and I went to gather some beef, when it was that he told me of it being ruinous and contaminated.

Me: So, how is it that you know the cow was mad, and by what standard would we judge such a thing?

Daniel: Well Tommy, basically they took video of the cow, and saw it falling all down and all that, and well, it sucked. I guess we gotta stop feeding cows to themselves.

Me: What difference is it to chattle what they eat and do not?

Daniel: Well, you know, it's unhealthy and all that. The government says so.

Me: Well then, how many people have fallen sick to this disease?

Daniel: Uhm, none?

Me: Then how is it known that any were contaminated? If they found the one sickly cow, and it's offspring, then is it or is it not safe to eat of beef?

Daniel: Well, you can never be too safe. That's why we have officials that go ahead and determine that for us.

Me: You mean, elected officials? What would a politician know about beef? Would not we appoint a butcher or farmer, so that they do more in that post, to know more of what the beef is spoiled, potentially gone sick with disease, of his own company and companionship of merchants?

Daniel: I guess in Europe like, all sorts of people died, like, 100.

Me: More people died from the snows of winter and the falling of lightning back in my days than did ever in the world from this mystical disease you are telling me of, which if it is true, it may be in the best interest of science to speculate, that this beef here today on sale at this establishment, as is the beef elsewhere, may be safe for purchasing and eating, just as would any beef had this retailer known of the contamination and done what you say was done to prevent further exposure.

Daniel: Yeah but, you never know! James was telling me that we should start banning McDonalds food because there is always the possibility of this happening.

Me: But did yourself not just say that nothing has really happened yet? Sounds like the pattern of overreaction and in the very least, the enquiry seems very unscientific.

Daniel: Oh! But there are scientists!

Me: I thought you said there were "officials".

Daniel: Well, the officials hire the scientists.

Me: To advise them how to do what exactly? Would we hire scientists for the politicians to learn how to orchestrate the world of beef as if the butchers and famers knew nothing of it, just as we might hire more scientists to illustrate to politicians the tying of knots in their shoes, and the shoelaces of the children, who all need to walk without tripping on their own feet? The ends simply seem frivolous, is what I am contending.

Daniel: I guess you have a point, I don't care. Let's just get some beef and go.

A nation it seems, divided by terror, or hunger, I know not which is worse. Accept I pray the assurance of my great respect,

- TH. Jefferson

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