Updates for Monday, November 24th [2003]

Food Stamps


I owe you a letter, my dear young friends, it is a debt I pay with pleasure, & therefore should not have so long delayed but for the importunity of others more urging & less indulgent. The reason I say this is because it is with the Esteem of the citizens of the Enternet that I can make public these letters without fear of loss of my safety. I recently spent and evening learning more about the Enternet, and acquired an "emale" address. It is tj@namyth.com, for those of you who are enterested.

Today was again payday, and again, I had some problems with Ms. Everson.

Me: I'm recieving yet another written reprimand? I don't quite understand why this time.

Ms. Everson: We, by law, must accept food stamps. You can't turn away a customer with a food stamp card.

Me: I don't understand. You said before that we do not barter, and we only accept paper monies, coins and "credit cards". So I presumed that this was another one of those things we did not accept, and you weren't around to ask about it.

Ms. Everson: How can you be so stupid? We can't not accept food stamps. The government has to feed the poor somehow.

Me: Well, not really...

Ms. Everson: No, not 'not really.' Argue with me again and you're fired. You're walking on thin ice. One more major fuckup and we'll ship you out to Fagland with the rest of yours. Get out of my office and get back to work.

I am really disconcerned by Ms. Everson's attitude at the workplace. Today I got paid by the order of $312.38 dollars. I gave $260 to Daniel, and kept the $52.38 for myself. I'm primarily eating Ramen noodles and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, along with some sandwiches and eggs for breakfast. This little bit of money did not last me the last two paydays, so I'm going to attempt to rectify that. After talking to Daniel about the situation, he said I might want to look into these same food stamps that I dealt with earlier today. However, I am reluctant to get taxpayer money for no real or even charitable reason. I am capable of surviving with what I have, and will accept nothing more, at least, nothing by way of government order.

That, and I don't quite fully understand why foods need stamps, or how those stamps actually go to feed you.

I saw Natalie again today at the library, we have plans to meet up later this week. She wants to take me to go see a moving picture. After my last trip to the theater, I was kinda hesitant to go again, but Natalie assures me that people there will be decent and fully clothed.

Your humblest servant with respectful salutations,


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