Updates for Wednesday, November 19th [2003]

Franco-Turk Relationships at their Peak



In hope of reaching out word to my good friends who care for my letters in the Enternet, I write another letter after a great period of absence. For the last Week & several Days I have been busy with work, and I apologize for anything I may have forgotten to correspond. Ms. Everson employs my labour but seems to have bad work ethic. I was lately reprimanded for turning down customers who tried to pay with cards instead of money. They refused to give me the cards, they simply said I should "swipe" them. I didn't understand. I was later told that these cards had money that we used the computers to transact, but that did not make sense to me. How would you know from the card how much money to transact from one account to the other? I didn't understand, but it wouldn't be the first time I didn't understand, and I simply did it how she showed me. She once again called me a "stupid immigrant" and threatened to fire me, which I did not appreciate at all.

Let me say first though that today it snowed. I have travelled several places in my time of warmth and coldness, I dealt with wind and tempered rain and snow, it often would impeded great city-to-city transportations, but everyday people if not sheltered did nothing but bear with the coldness and wetness of the snow. In this new age I envisioned that it wouldn't be such a big barricade to action, but even in the largest most insulated garments I noticed the constant bickering and cursing of the sky at the smallest bit of snow. Schools stopped teaching and businesses closed their doors because of a morning's worth of snow, not even enough to be to my ankle. Makes me wonder if their balloon "satellites" do them any good in their weather prediction.

I, once again, am without a penny to spare. Daniel, for whatever ends were his own, did manage to waste my borrowed monies in the course of gambling (as I found out when he got home), and the little I had left I spent on food and supplies. I have yet to discuss this issue with him, since he spends most of his time watching a televeesion channel called "HBO". If I do get an idle moment he sends me on errands, usually to get beer, or to return rented games. I never quite understood exactly what these games were. Aparently it is like chess, only on the televeesion. Or so he describes it to me. It's technology beyond my time.

I heard on the news today that the President took a visit to England to meet with the King of the British. I was amazed, as the news report also claimed that our colonial armies and the British were allies in a war, side by side, with some new nation deep in the heart of antient Asia. Aparently the place where we are besieging was beyond the empire of the Sultans of Ottoman, deep into the area of the rude world of the Bedouin Tribes, surely at war with the desert raiders and scoundrels the Ottomans could not control. The whole situation seems unsure to me. It did seem Napoleonic to me that the French dissented with these actions, however, favoring the lands of the arabic Turks over the colonial army and the British efforts.

Oh, and I have spent more time having conversations with Natalie over the telefone, and we do plan to do something again soon. I am busy tonight and must move on.

Affectionate and respectful salutations my friends,

- Th. Jefferson

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