Updates for Friday, November 7th [2003]

Death and Taxes


Dear Friends,

After work this last Tuesday morning I called Miss C. to ask if she was still interested in meeting sometime during the week. She affirimatively confirmed her interest in our appointment for midday Wednesday, but as I had mentioned before, I was running low on any money to finance some kind of outing, so she offered to pay for my services for the evening, which was very kind of her. We went to a restaurant not too far from the downtown area, she picked me up around 2pm, and once there we sat and chatted for the course of about two hours. I ate a fine "Big Mouth" sandwich, while she explained that this was a place she used to go with her father several years ago. Most of the conversation we had was simple pleasantry, I simply did my best to not reveal my lack of knowledge, being raised 200 years ago makes it hard to keep up. However, in this short time that I have been here, I have managed to clarify a few more topics historically that I felt I wasn't truly proficient in, and now I feel somewhat better when it comes to world history. In the last few weeks I've studied much about the two world wars and the history of the last 100 years. While I somewhat understood the historical events, what I do not quite fully understand is the world politics, there seemed to be many strange movements out there that do not seem to follow with the same kinds of values the Revolution had for us, or any values I was ever familiar with. Very unorthodox revolutions.

But we didn't have much time to discuss this, instead we talked about common things like the weather and recent events. She spent some time at length telling me about a grim murderer of Green River who killed so many prostitutes he hardly could remember the number of victims, and I was amazed at the length of such brutality. An avid reader of the newspaper, she claims, and of books, I enjoyed discussing a love of these things with her.

On my mind were more than a few things. I had recieved another reprimand at work from Ms. Everson, this time a problem over tobacco. Some young boys came in to buy some tobacco, younger boys of which was not uncommon to see smoke in my day, so I sold it to them, forgetting the requirement to check against their identification cards. Ms. Everson was on the verge of firing me over this incident. The children did smoke the tobacco just outside at the nearest corner, and sooner than curse at them and find their mothers to scold them she cursed at me. Quite the irony it was when a street cop pulled into the parking lot as this was happening, and in sight of this supposedly illegal activity, did nothing but come inside to purchase one warm hot dog from our open grill even though he must've seen this happening - this is a worthy reprimand of me to threaten my job, to have me prevent the crime that is so terribly important that no one, not even the hungry police officer who is there for the sole purpose of preventing crimes, takes time to notice or care about it.

It is very backwards to make such policy and I told Miss C. of these difficulties I've had lately adjusting to modern society, she related and assurred me that I would fit in just fine given the time to adjust. However, I do still feel like an outsider observing a strange new world. I said to her that I felt as though that the only things certain in life was death and taxes... somehow she was familiar with the particular sentiment. We parted ways after some nice time at my house, although Daniel was loud, drunken and obnoxious, so she did not stay long. I will no doubt see her again on Monday.

Well, that is the extent of my recent happenings. I will ensure that more is to come soon. Your affectionate friend & humblest servant,

- TH. Jefferson

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