Updates for Saturday, October 11th [2003]

My first day at work



Well, today was my first day at work, and what a splendid day it was. I took notes during the training for future use, and I'll list out a summary of what I noted.

1. I was shown how to operate the "cash register". It is a device used to total trade sales. I can't believe how convienent it is! It records all sales to be reconciled after closing. It is almost an incorruptable cashier. I was worried about the paperwork required to sustain the stock of this store but this device is surely amazing!

2. Shortly after learning about the cash register, I was instructed to where the various products are located in the store, but first had to sweep some halls and perform some various chores. This gave me a chance to examine some of our produce to learn more about it. Dairy seems pretty convienent, as is bread and other foods like beef jerky. We serve sausages called "hot dogs" on an automatic, rotating grill (may I never need a chef!). These are many of the systems I imagined in my time that private entrepenuers would endeavor to perfect, and it's good to see these things instituted as they are.

3. I am very desirous to learn more about the various magazines and publications we distribute. This Pantry seems to sell an entire display of such works, all of which are very informative. We also distribute newspapers. Very useful, hopefully I will have the time to indulge myself in some of this.

4. I was told terrible stories about hooligans and thieves who attack these outlets. I asked Ms. Everson where she keeps the rifle, for the store's defense. She was very confused, and informed me she didn't have one, likewise she was offended when I asked if all women of the modern day were afraid of firearms. I later concluded that if Plaid Pantry is run by a bunch of maidens with no guns or means of defense, then it's not much of a wonder why the store gets robbed as often as it does.

5. While this place seemed to me a place for travellers to stop, I could not find anywhere in the store that stocked lard or apples, or cooking pans. Then again, I have seen no wagons amidst the city to stock on these kinds of supplies, I guess these practices being very obsolete, especially with McDonalds ready-to-eat food.

6. We did stock some house pies, which are heatable in the "microwave" according to their listed directions, so it said on the package. I purchased one and am going to conference with Daniel later about how to prepare the pie, as house pie is one of my favorite dishes.

7. I was taught how to conduct transactions, it seems fairly simple. A poor man came into the store and offered to barter with me a cigarette for a hot dog. Ms. Everson informed me that we do not barter with the impoverished, it is against Pantry policies.

8. We are not , a rival pantry, and we are not responsible for their prices, policies, advertisements and coupons. Ms. Everson informed me that this was a common err on the part of visitors.

She is not confident in leaving me in the store by myself, but that makes sense since I am not confident being there. I am new to this land, I do need a period of adjustment. Madam Everson is very patient and thought I did well. I look forward to the following week's work.

Affectionately yours,

- Th. Jefferson

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