Updates for Wednesday, October 8th [2003]

The Nature of Modern Government?



On the day of Monday the 6th I ran into Daniel before heading off for my interview with the local Pantry (which Daniel says is "a lot like a 7-11"). He was happy as he had lost his means of employment. I was befuddled.

Me: "I don't quite understand this unemployment pension you're recieving. How much is it? What were the conditions of your contract that caused it?"

Daniel: "Well, everyone gets it, if you get laid off. It'll be about $230 a week. Rule."

Me: "I am amazed that every employer has become so modernized that they offer severance pay of such an order."

Daniel: "Well, it's not like they have much of a choice. It's law."

Me: "The law? You mean, there are legislators who require businesses pay to keep those who they fire on salary?"

Daniel: "Well, the businesses don't pay it silly, it's part of what is taxed out of our pay."

Me: "Taxed directly from the capital of private citizens? That is ridiculous. What do these unemployed masses do, engage in public works?"

Daniel: "I don't know what they do, but I know what I'm gonna do, sit on my big fat American ass until I feel like starting looking for new work, watch some tv too."

Me: "So you mean to tell me our government taxes the general population, in a redistributory manner, and uses it to provide pension for those who lose their standard wage through expidition from employment?"

Daniel: "I think so, yeah."

Me: "Never did the British do something so fowl. I am going to write a letter to Congress before the week is out addressing this terrible problem."

Daniel: "I never knew you could just write a letter to Congress like that."

Me: "Tell me then, I insist to know, the nature of the government. What has it become? What else does it do, unorthodox, obviously, in it's nature? Do we even still have the Constitution?"

Daniel: "Of course we do. I mean, c'mon, it's the Constitution. Here, I think it's in one of my old history books. With all the 27 or something amendments."

Me: "27 Amendments? I knew of great changes that may need to be made through recourse of experience, that might dictate necessities more modern than our own, but this seems to be as if a total usurptation of the original premises of the authority for this body to govern. Without great justification this is total tyranny. Do you see?"

Daniel: "Uhm, not really."

Me: "This is most definitely an outrage! I will go seek employment and begin and immediate enquiry into the nature of this new meddlesome breed of legislators and politicians and other keepers of governing offices. We can't have people arbitrarily taxing the masses just so you can be out of work. Please do not take offense to my words. That this is the stench of what is fowl and wicked, I know that much. The trademark of the old monarchy was to arbitrarily tax the people. This seems to be such an expansion and exploration of such monarchial power. I will most assuredly review these changes, and understand more, hopefully there is great cause by which such original enumerations were ignored."

Daniel: "Okay, okay, chill. Just relax, man. It's no big deal, happens all the time. I don't see why you're flipping out so much. Just go get ready for the interview."

Indeed, that is what I did. Maybe I overreacted, I am unfamiliar with the ways of this land, but this seems outrageous for the people to be taxed for the purpose of funding unemployment pensions. It seems to me no manner of just taxation, it seems on the face of it that it is neither equally distributed nor equally collected, thus it can be in no way what I originally envisioned as an adequate or just manner of taxation that Congress can levy on the citizenry.

So I headed out the door and to "Plaid Pantry", a local Pantry house. It was very spacious, with much produce on shelves. I wasn't aware of most of the products, but had seen many at similar outposts. Included was a small cafe. It was a quaint place. I met Ms. Gina Everson, for our appointment, to discuss the possibility of operating the Pantry. I enquired if the pantry was for storage, or if it was for distribution, and was informed that commercial travellers will make stops to this place, to restock on supplies, and to buy tobacco & alcohol. I further discussed more with Ms. Everson, on my appreciation for travellers, being a man of travel (back in my time at least), and enquired if there were any Indian traders nearby; However I did not suppose she understood the nature of the question.

I reflected my skills of being meticulous in records keeping, and I believe she understood & duly appreciated and noted such skills. She said that we would go ahead with the process, and while it took me a while to fill out the proper forms (I cannot believe the necessity of so many forms or the need for such identification papers and cards, just more questions to add to my enquiry into the nature of modern Governance), I was notified that I could begin work Friday the 10th. We will train so I know how to function the Pantry, I only hope that my antiquated knowledge of business won't leave me stranded in performing such a simple task.

After today's insight on the unorthodox practices of this government, I know that, while tho' it would be wise to use my time to try to find a method to return home, that I should dedicate some of my time to the scientific enquiry into the nature of the future of Man and Government. If this opportunity to observe goes unused, then I would be in ignorance of the fantastic nature of the recent month's events.

Your friend and humble servant

- TH. Jefferson

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