Updates for Saturday, September 27th [2003]

The King of Burger


On the evening of Thursday the 27th, Daniel, through his "telefone", recieved a notice from the King of Burger requesting my appearance. As far as I could ascertain, he was interested in a representative from the United States to work in his embassy, down the street. Daniel thought I was making too much of it, "they just want you to flip burgers, you'll see", he remarked to me the following day. My interview with a royal appointee was scheduled for the evening of the 28th, and I made it my purpose to be prompt in arrival.

I went out on my voyage to this place, unsure if I recalled visiting, as Daniel told me this was one of the locations where I had filled out work forms. There it was, "Burger King", with a notice about some kind of triple Burger meal. With my working experience being a Minister to France, I figured representing the United States to the people of Burger might not be so difficult. When I went in, it was anarchy. People were requesting asylum to the country of Burger, begging for food. The unprincipled monarchy of Burger denied anyone without the appropriate funds to pay for this service, so I did enquire more as to who sought my appointment.

The man, "Frank", met me in the lobby, dressed uniformly as a professional represenative of the Burger people. I did notice it was odd that everyone wore a tag with their name on it on their vest, but I paid it no mind. Looking at the kitchens we passed through, I found that many foreigners slaved away, they must be citizens of Burger, I envision, attempting to satisfy the ruling monarchy. We sat down in a back office, to discuss my position of employment in the services of Burger/U.S. relationships. I told him of my great experience, but he did not seem to understand. I presented to him an eloquent speech about the rights of the peasantry to seek asylum and basic food and shelter from any nation of god-fearing peoples, but this he did not appreciate. I stormed out of the building, damning the people of Burger, declaring all negotiations impossible.

Not before I paid their service fee for a "combo". The people of Burger have fine food. Why not share it with the peasantry?

This, I did not understand.

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