Updates for Thursday, September 25th [2003]

Identifying Cards


Dear Friends,

Yesterday I recieved my Identification card, which will allow me to verify who I am to the public. Why this is necessary I do not understand, even the British did not require you own Identification documents for the mere passage through the streets and attempt to get labour. The process has made it unduly difficult for me to acquire work.

I used the information recieved from the falsified papers, which Daniel assures me are of the caliber where they will not be noticed for their fraud, and filled out 10 of the application forms, of which I suppose at least 4 were pretty much already filled in. I used my name as "Thomas Johnson" on the forms, to obscure my identity further. With the American governing body being so broad, I almost fear the nature of this information, knowing of it's falsity. Daniel assures me not to worry. "Immigrants do it all the time," he says.

So, I returned 5 of these forms already, hence what I have been doing to pass my time. I await further feedback.

I would like to note that today I read the chapter on the second War of the World. It is amazing that the world survived such a horrible massacre. It seems to me the great bomb that ended the war did much mercy to the world. It is quite frightening that such a conflict may need to be escalated to that grievous and terrible point.


- Thomas Jefferson

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