Updates for Sunday, September 21st [2003]

My first cheeseburger


I happened to recieve the afforementioned 50 dollars on the 18th, I decided to save 40 for the remainer of the week. With 10 to spend, I walked out that day to see what I could purchase at the local shoppes. Daniel recommended I try a "double cheeseburger", which he noted were on a dollar menu at a nearby restaurant, the McDonald building. I decided that day was a nice day for a long walk. So I ventured to the "auto-mobile" station, where the vendor had tobacco, liquor and assorted sugar candies. I was able to recognize many of the products, but marvelled at their packaging. Many of these things were affordable, so I decided to try something I had seen Daniel eating, "Doritoes". These triangle chips seem coated with some kind of cheese powder. Very delictable.

Buying such foods was not my goal, however, I needed some sort of map of the region; when I enquired from Daniel if he knew of a library or cartographer who had one to review, he recommended I use "Map Quest". Unfamiliar with how to work the Enternet box beyond typing a simple letter, I opted instead for other options. He advised me that maps of the roadways were sold at these auto-mobile stations, hence my direct course to it's location. Altogether the map and chips cost me nearing $5, with plenty of loose coins for change.

After bringing it home, Daniel marked our location, gave me a pen (with no inkwell?), and explained to me that crossings have sign pillars which read road names. Ingenious! It amazed me so much I had spent the full next day with my single road map, and explored the nearby region. I found many more shops than I had on previous visits. I seen stations for the bus carriages, and considered riding, but was unsure of how wise it would be as Daniel explained to me fare must be exact. I understood then more of the scope of this one city, and it is far larger than I had imagined. Exploring it in it's entirety would take years of questing.

The one thing I disliked was that for as much walking as I had partaked in, there was not a single horse which to ride. I did however see some people riding two-wheeled contraptions, peddled by the feet. I thought this walking aid was ingenious. Appeared much like a description of a Draisienne.

Regardless, it was today that I managed to get to the McDonald building to try, with 2 of my dollars, some double cheeseburgers Daniel so recommended (in fact, he had given me 4 dollars to purchase him some as well). When I arrived home I tried the sandwich, which was a patty of meat, cooked with cheese with ketchup and mustard with a dressing of pickle. In a way it was filling, at first the greasy nature of the sandwich caught me off guard, but I found I could not stop eating. It was amazing food, for what is my impression, not much money. In fact, I ate one of Daniel's sandwiches, when he proclaimed he was full. No wonder so many carriages and families travelled to and from this merchant! I wager with so many sandwiches and foods that many of these travellers must be there to supply regions abroad with these delicacies, especially since all their foods seem to be made prepared to eat, instead of needing preparation. It definitely has changed my impression of the way people live, if it is that easy to get fine sandwiches and meals, it must be fairly easy to get by, to live and work with substance, earn a day's wage and appreciate a hobby or sustain a habit, a routine. I might even wager the poor live better than the rich of my day.

Yet it does not seem that ideal. With the last few days I question more as I read my novel of history, I feel the increasing weight of the events to lead to now.

- TH. Jefferson

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