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(VB10) 'Rats and Spiders'

My Thoughts On: November 8th, 2007

Well, it's been a while I know, but I finally put my 10th video blog into production and got it finished. Lots of little scheduling hiccups, but it's a pretty big episode to compensate. I decided to use this episode to get "out of the way" a number of issues that I knew I'd address at one point or another and that I didn't really think would "fit" the average episode. Because it's so large, I split it into two parts.

As always, you can watch the video blog from my website (just click play), or you can view one of the other superior viewing options by following the links below. You'll see that I stopped using Stage6 (high quality DivX video takes too long to encode properly with the new production methods, and Stage6 doesn't support Linux-based uploads which would make uploading the end result a lot easier), but I replaced my Stage6 upload slot with equally interesting and high quality Viddler. Viddler lets you log in and comment on specific points in the timeline of a given video, plus it's higher quality and has a larger upload allowance. Of course, Myspace and Youtube are also viewing options as usual.

Part 1 | Runtime: 38:20
Watch it @ Myspace
Watch it @ Youtube
Watch it @ Viddler

The Pitch: The first part of my latest video blog covers the topic of social segregation and gives my opinion on the impact race culture has in our society. I also put it into the context of the recent Jena Six incident. Then I go into my Video Vault segment on Psychopathic Records/ICP, but I imagine most of you will want to skip that part and continue to Part 2.

Keep watching to hear my thoughts on medical marijuana, see a few game reviews, and see my personal icons segment on Socrates.

Part 2 | Runtime: 35:51
Watch it @ Myspace
Watch it @ Youtube
Watch it @ Viddler

The Pitch: Part 2 continues the video blog with some personal comments about some of the games I've played recently (Metroid Prime: Corruption, Half Life 2 Episode 2 & Portal, and Halo 3), and then I get into my opinion on medical marijuana. I wrap up with an Icons segment briefly discussing the life of Socrates, although not quite doing it as much justice as I'd hoped.

Be sure to check out Part 1, where I go in-depth on my opinions of race and show a video vault segment of a little-liked group called the Psychopathic Rydas.

Thanks for watching and be sure to leave feedback! Later,

- Good ol' PA

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